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PuzzleCal | Daily Puzzle Calendar

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Show that Special Day in a Special Way

How many times have you solved a puzzle once and forgot about it? Right, too many to count. That's why we created the PuzzleCal - to give your brain a warmup every day this year with one simple puzzle challenge:

All you need to do is fit the PuzzleCal pieces into the frame to leave the current month and day showing!

ATTENTION: We are going viral on social media and have very few units left. Place your order now to ensure you get The PuzzleCal before we sell out.


🧩 Perfect for our beginner puzzle-piecers & kids!

🧩 Makes a great gift for puzzle lovers (They will love you)

🧩 New challenge every day improves problem-solving skills

🧩 Lasts ALL YEAR LONG so you don't have to go running for a new one


Package Includes:

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lacey palmer
To much money 💰

To high price just for that um sorry but some people can't afford that

Lea Konopelski
More fun/challenging than any big puzzle

More fun than any 1000 pc puzzle! It's a struggle every day but so worth it 😂Got the last green one!

Woodrow Prohaska
TikTok Made Me Buy It... and I can't stop

TikTok was not lying, you never stop messing with this puzzle and once you solve it, get ready for the next day lol

Ibrahim Bechtelar
A little smaller than I thought, but a nice challenge

I do this first thing when I wake up now, it's a good brain warm up

Nash Mraz
Can't get over Wednesday...

Coming from a puzzle-enthusiast, this is the perfect beginner or expert challenge for everyday use. It even comes with a stand to keep it on your desk