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The HexBots | Trio Pack

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Mechanical transformer that spins faster than the eye can see.

3 satisfying colors to stack and spin to the sky.

 The spinning vortex your anxiety is scared of...


Get Over Your Boredom With One Spin...

Breaking news: The HexBots are INSANELY ADDICTING. These robo-tech fidget spinners will have you spinning for hours on end. Before you know it, wherever you go, The HexBots go.


ATTENTION: We are going viral on social media and have very few units left. Place your order now to ensure you get The HexBots™ before we sell out.

Transform Anxiety Into A Spinning Relief

 Beat stress & anxiety from the palm of your hands

 Mechanical arms let you turn it into whatever you want

 Keep your brain busy wherever you go


Safe For Children!

This cool new toy is unlike anything your kid has ever seen before. It will literally keep your loved ones busy for hours! The HexBots™ train hand-eye coordination and makes for a fun workout - physically and mentally.

Wherever You Go, The HexBots™ Go

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand - play with the HexBots whenever you feel the itch arise. The HexBots are ready to take you wherever imagination takes you creatively! The possibilities are endless, from the park to the classroom, and around the house.

Nothing Less Than A Spinning Abyss of Color

Vibrant primary colors forming the HexBot™ trio make it an eye-catching toy extremely fun to play with towards the end of the day.

Customer Reviews

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Big man

It’s not what it says it is

Maryjane Kunde


Jerry Mohr

Looking for something to help keep the mind focused and reduce anxiety, then you have it here.

These fidget spinners definitely fill a niche to help lengthen your attention span and improving your mood.

The spinners work as intended and will definitely hold your attention for as long as you use them. I am unsure about how long they will spin before stopping but to me, I don't think that is the main focus; it doesn't bother me if they don't reach the claimed 2 minute mark, as some reviewers have stated. The durability seems top notch and are great value for the money.

Gregoria Kozey

As an individual with Asperger's Syndrome having a thing like this to take my mind off things around me that can be disturbing in one way or another is extremely helpful

Dallin Lubowitz

I use this product during speech therapy with my busy body students. It keeps them calm and entertained while I work with each student in group therapy sessions. These spinners are pretty heavy and make a clamorous noise if the kids drop them on the table but they are of excellent quality! Each one came individually packaged, paint/ colors were of great quality. They do hum a great deal depending on how fast you spin them but overall they are a great product and worth the money.